A new way of hiring top junior talents in tech
We prepare your next generation of developers through acceleration programs and the challenge-based learning methodology.
A sustainable and innovative way to find talented professionals for your team.
Instead of traditional recruiting, where companies compete for the same professionals, with AceleraDev - our acceleration program for developers and data scientists - you can connect with fresh talents anywhere in the world being prepared for your tech needs.
Who’s already part of it

/ How does it work?

AceleraDev is a training program for software development and data science professionals which takes place online through the Codenation’s platform.

Over the course, students and technology professionals around the world are empowered through hands-on programming exercises focused on market reality, as well as unique mentoring sessions that bring them closer to your open job opportunities.

All the training is 100% free for the participants thanks to your company’s scholarships.
Connect with fresh talents being prepared for your tech needs - no matter where in the world they are
Invite current employees to upgrade their skills through our platform
List in your careers site which AceleraDev you are supporting so applicants can prepare before applying
Loadsmart case
Loadsmart is a NYC-based tech company dedicated to the logistics industry. They've started growing a team in Brazil for not more than 3 years and back then, only 10% of their tech team were women. They’ve been using our acceleration program as an innovative tool to expand their connection with talented people in the new country - more specifically, with developer women being trained to their tech needs throughout the course AceleraDev Python Women - Loadsmart.
Why should I support AceleraDev?
Codenation Reason 1
Build a sustainable hiring cycle
By supporting the AceleraDev program, your company will help to prepare professionals in tech, creating a continuous flow of staff training and connecting developers to the open career opportunities in your tech team.
Codenation Reason 2
Professionals prepared for your needs
Acceleration participants are aware of what supporting companies expect and are free to learn and show their potential.
Codenation Reason 3
Based on potential and real abilities
No bias. Based solely on the potential and real skills demonstrated and practiced during the acceleration, we connect your company only to the people who make sense to your team.
What to expect
Minimize your recruitment process, and focus on what really matters: only indications of people with real potential - no waste of time with endless resumes.
Analysis of potential
Explore the evolution and potential of each indicated participant through an exclusive dossier.
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How to be a supporting company and build my next generation of developers?